New Website From 0 to 4000 Monthly Organic Visitors by Spending Only 3000$


The objective was to rank a service website for some commercial and informational keywords. The commercial keywords had a medium difficulty while the informational keywords varied between easy and medium difficulty. Some of those informational keywords had a slight commercial intent so it was a no brainer that we should rank the website for those keywords.


To begin with, the budget was extremely limited so every penny mattered. That meant that only a few links had to be created. In addition to that, the website, while only 6 months old had an amazing design but inner poor website structure and many useless pages. Doing SEO on poor foundation is a bad idea so  structuring the website correctly was essential.

Keyword Research

The first task was the one that would make or break the entire project. That task was keyword research. While from the very start, we new some of the keywords the client wanted to rank for. However, we did additional research and we found some commercial keywords of medium difficulty. From our research, it was obvious that many people were looking informational keywords, so creating a few blog posts seemed like a good idea for acquiring more customers and speeding up the ranking process.

Website Structure

With our list of keywords configured, we could create the structure of a website in an optimal way. We created the various pages and sub-pages in order to rank for some longtail keywords. Also, we deleted a couple pages or we redirected multiple pages into one that served the same search intent. In addition to that we created a blog section where we published only 7 informational posts.

Content Creation & SEO Optimization

Depending on the keyword difficulty and search intent, we wrote or used existing content, infographics, and videos. We followed all the required actions necessary for making those pages SEO optimized. We modified the Google My Business account by inserting all the necessary information about the business, tasks which our necessary for local SEO.

Link Building

Once everything was set up, it was time to create some links. At first, we started with a few citations and then we moved on to some Web2.0s. Finally, we used some PBNs (real Private Blogs and NOT Public Blogs named as PBNs that anyone with a bit of money and spammy websites can get a link)  and premium guest posts. We could afford a few of those links but using real PBNs and quality guest posts ( not like most high-metric spam websites) they did their work marvelously.

Results & Financial Impact for Client

The project lasted 7 months but the results are obvious even 2 years after the work started.


At the end of those 7 months, the website received about 1100 monthly organic visitors ( about 220 weekly organic visitors). By the time, 9 months have passed since we started working on the website, the website reached close to 2000 organic monthly visitors. In 1.5 years the website reached 3000 organic visitors, and finally 2 years after the start of the work, it receives 4000 monthly visitors.

From those 4000 monthly visitors, the website acquires approximately 30 clients per month that generate approximately 6000$ worth of revenue. Without a doubt, this example demonstrates the longterm value of SEO. Consider that acquiring the same amount of clients through Google ads would cost about 800$ per month. However, SEO allowed with only 3000$ to acquire more clients for a fraction of the cost. On top of that SEO will keep bringing clients for years to come.

Future Potential

In fact, if the client was willing invest more in his business the results would be even more impressive considering the fact that some of the most competitive keywords weren’t ranked on the top-5 results. So, we believe that 50 clients per month from about 5000 monthly visitors would be an attainable goal.

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